Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Widows Sons, a Masonic Riders Association.

The concept of the Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Association was conceived by W.Bro. Carl Davenport in Chicago in 2000. He laid the foundation for what would become an international organization with over a thousand members in North America and Europe today. Well over 30 Master Masons in Alberta who ride a variety of bikes are proud to ride and do charity work together.

At the Edmonton motorcycle show in January 2006 a group of Masons came together for the first time to discuss the first chapter of the Widows Sons in Canada. On March 10, 2006 the Northern Jurisdiction issued a charter for Alberta and since then other Canadian Grand Chapters have been started in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.

The charity the Widows Sons are involved in here in Alberta consists primarily of donating time to society. Over the last two years we have contributed time and labour to the iHuman Youth Society, the Salvation Army and the Blood Bank and this summer a young girl named Lydia will receive much needed medical equipment with the support of the Widows Sons.

We have accomplished a lot in our first two years and we continue to make great plans for the future, both in Lodge and on the road. For more information visit our website at www.widowssons.ca or contact us at secretary@widowssons.ca


SLICE magazine said...

You know, it's interesting that you say that, because it is one of those blurry lines that is crossed on the internet everyday. To be honest with you I'm personally of the belief that if you can find it on the internet and there is public access to it and it was placed on the internet by the main proprietors then there is nothing wrong with discussing it, promoting it and showcasing it. We're not selling anything here or painting anyone in a bad light. The majority of the content we discuss are of lesser known artists that are more appreciative of being promoted than anything else. I'm sorry you feel this way, but having brought this to our attention, I think we'll make a more concerted effort in the future. Take Care.

SLICE magazine said...

Hi Jelle,

Well the debate of whether file sharing and the world of YouTube is a positive or negative thing is a point of contention. There is no doubt that there are copyright infringements there that we are supporting by providing links to, but it's still an issue that the arts community is divided over.
Some artist think YouTube and Lime Wire are great tools to get their work out and circulating, some think that it does more harm than good.

I believe in the former, if you don't have access to the Super Channel in Canada and want to support the series you can either buy the series (which I have done) or you can watch it online. Either way the end result, whether you watch it for free on TV or for free online, is the hope that you'll enjoy the series enough to purchase the DVD. And if certain regions are cut out of the equation due to lack of access that will hinder the artists sales anyway. Which is probably why sites like watchskinsonline thrive without hindrance.

I understand the point that you're making and I understand the necessity of Copyright laws, I just disagree with you on this particular issue, but I'm glad you raised the point and opened the floor to discussion. Thanks. (and yeah, Skins is a great show :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I saw a thing on tv a few weeks ago about how the Freemason's had a part in the Statue of Liberty. pretty interesting…